Base Panels for Artificial Turf

EasyLock Base Panel Spec Sheet

More and more installers are realizing rock is not always the best option for base work under artificial grass. EasyLock Base Panels are the best base replacement system option available on the market. It saves time, saves wear and tear on machines or rental costs, and eliminates the need for excavating large volumes of dirt. Perfect for rooftops, playgrounds, pets, sports fields, and landscaping projects, EasyLock Base Panels are the perfect base alternative.

EasyLock Specs Material


Material Recyclable HDPE
UV Stabilization Limited Carbon Black
EasyLock Specs Product


Shape Hexgonal cell structure
Anti-Slip System Min 571 anti-slip triangles per panel
Locking System Clicking system
Dimensions 30.375" x 23" x 0.875" (1 Panel = 4.85 sq ft)
Weight 4.5 lbs per panel; 0.93 lbs per sq ft
EasyLock Specs Testing


GMAX value 151 (panel on concrete)*
Load Capacity 374 psi up to 998 psi
Vertical drainage 4,068" per/hr
Horizontal drainage 1,673" per/hr
Water storage capacity 1.98 gallons per panel
Expansion Less than 0.03" movement in all directions
Slip resistance 2x higher than crushed stone
*GMAX values vary depending on materials below and turf system above the EasyLock Base Panels
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